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November 19, 2019 November 19, 2019

Jazz Fest, Pride dominate the week

Posted on June 12, 2019 by Richard Amery

The Lethbridge Jazz and Blues Festival and Pridefest are the source of most of entertainment this week. But first, kick things off , on Wednesday June 12 with this month’s Windy City Opry with Edmonton roots rock and country band “The Give ’em Hell Boys. As usual the show begins at 8 p.m. sharp and admission is $10.
Windy City opry host Shaela Miller is also playing her own show at The Slice on Friday, June 14 with Red Deer roots rock musician Ryan Langelois,
The Lethbridge Jazz and Blues festival suppertime series features the Sheldon Arvay Duo at Streatside Eatery from 6-8 p.m. Anna McBryan is at the Telegraph Taphouse, June 11. And Dale Ketcheson is at the Mocha Cabana, June 12.
For bigger shows, Dawn Pemberton conducts the Sweet Inspiration Gospel Choir at Southminster United Church Wednesday, June 12 at 7:30 p.m. Admission is $10.
Saxophonist Jim Brenan performs at the Sterndale Bennett Theatre at 7:30 p.m., June 13. Tickets are $20.
Drummer extraordinaire Larnell Lewis plays a showcase at the Sterndale Bennett Theatre, June 14 at 7:30 p.m. Calgary- based pianist Tricia Edwards is at The Owl for a jazz lunch at 3 p.m. and The Shuffle Demons close off the festival at the Sterndale Bennett Theatre, June 15 at 7:30 p.m.
For pridefest, Theatre Outre and Pridefest present a production of Marshall Vielle’s play “Where the Two Spirit Lives at 8 p.m. June 14-18. It is described as “a whimsical and moving exploration of what it means to be two spirited in southern Alberta in the new millennium through drag and storytelling.”
The Slice hosts a Slice of Everyone variety show June 15 featuring a slate of performers to be announced. Admission is $10.
Applefest has a fundraiser June 13 at The Slice with a variety of roots and rock acts including On the DL, In Cahoots and Jolene Draper and the Inquisitive Few, the Junkman’s Quire and Global Acid Reset.
Dory Rossiter’s band Horizon plays another fundraiser on the weekend as they hit the stage at the Southern Alberta Ethnic Association for the Fourth Annual Interact Club Of Lethbridge Global Gala in support of construction at the APU Malawi Girl’s School in Malawi, and in support of the Lethbridge YMCA Strong Kids Program.
The Interact Club of Lethbridge is the high school version of Rotary, and is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Lethbridge. The event begins at 6 p.m. Tickets are $40.
And Sled Island Music Festival is coming up in Calgary June 19-23 so several local bands are getting ready for it at The Owl Acoustic Lounge June 14 with Mombod, Stripmall, Chief Mountain and Ghost Woman playing a Sled Island kick-off party.
But The Owl goes roots on June 13 with Mariel and T Buckley performing.
For something different again, The Owl features the tape release party for local no wave duo Marigold who will be joined by Calgary feminist punk band Slut Prophet and Broke TIll Friday. Admission is by donation.
Breanne Urban And Southern Flyer play country and pop music at Casino Lethbridge Friday and Saturday, June 14 and 15.
For comedy, Mike Dambra returns to Good Times Saturday, June 15 for two shows at 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Tickets are $15. As a counterpoint to Sled Island, U of L-based community radio station CKXU presents a mini music festival Shed Island at Theoretically Brewing, Tuesday, June 18.
The event features Montreal bands Lovelet, LAPS, Andy And The Dannys and Winona Forever, Winnipeg’s Lev Snowe, Vancouver’ Garbage Dreams and Energy Slime, local bands Body Lens and J Blissette and, coming all the way from Berlin, Energy Boost.
Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door. The music begins at 7 p.m.
And, Gabriel Thaine’s High Level Variety show returns to the Slice, June 18 as well.
Leeroy Stagger Brick and Mortar
Leeroy Stagger and Rebeltone Sound and special guest Monkeyjunk’s Steve Marriner provided the soundtrack for a new art show at Brick and Mortar by giving an acoustic preview of their new CD “Me and the mountain,” as well as another new CD due out in the Fall, Tuesday, June 4 for a special Geomatic Attic presentation.
A good sized audience sat politely and listened, surrounded “City Life — Country Life” new artwork from Southern Alberta artists Raymond Theriault, Adam Noonan, Kristofer Parley and Steve Coffey.
I missed Steve Marriner’s opening set but he added baritone and harp plus some background vocals to the band of keyboardist/accordionist/omnichord player Michael Ayotte, mandolinist/guitarist/banjo player Ryland Moranz, upright bassist Tyson Maiko and drummer Kyle Harmon.
With such a wide musical palette to draw from, the band delivered an impressive, multi-faceted set of folk and alt country music with extra ambience and a variety of different sounds.
They opened with the title track of their latest CD “Me and the Mountain” with Ryland Moranz playing mandolin. His solo drew a lot of applause.
Stagger noted the new album is a concept album inspired by a novel from David Korten and was a a very political works. he played severals songs from it including “The Great Unravelling,” “Mercy” and “Fire and Fury,” which he noted was written in Scotland but changed the original name. There was a lot of politics as well as a lot of love in his songs as Stagger sang,“Open Up Your Heart,” noting he grew up in a very “angry” family.
“I Want it All,” which was getting a lot of play on CKXU, CKUA and some of the other mainstream radio stations, got a lot of applause.
Stagger told a variety of stories abut his songs. he wrote the music at the Banff Arts Centre and worked with Kim Richey, who was teaching there. He noted he was only home for two day from tour before going to Banff to write songs for three weeks.
He told a few tour tales about traveling in Scotland and getting turned around at the U.S. border crossing B.C. after playing a couple shows in Spokane and Seattle.
A couple highlights were a cover of Joe Strummer’s “Johnny Appleseed,” which Stagger followed up with his own “Joe Strummer and Joey Ramone.”
He played a couple of songs from the next album, which were really different, featuring layers of sound, effects and harp solos from Steve Marriner.
One of those , was a another tribute to one of his musical idols , Leonard Cohen.
It had more of a jazz feel and was very poetic,like Leonard Cohen’s music is.
He wound his set down with the always beautiful “Radiant land.”
But they got a standing ovation and were called back for an encore, of a Leonard Cohen song “Passing Through,” for which the band took up acoustic instruments and marched through the audience while playing and singing.
As usual, the Slice was packed for the South Country Fair Songwriting contest finals, Sunday, June 2.
They had a talented slate of nine finalists, though Chis Gheran also made the top 10 finals but wasn’t at the show, so the judges Brenna Lowery, Mike Malloy and John Wort Hannam had their work cut out for them doing the Devil’s work of trying to choose the winner.
But they were unanimous in choosing Joshua Beebe’s song “Clayton Stanley,” which he played solo on the ukulele. He had the tough job of starting the competition off. He wan passes to the fair, some cash and the chance to play his song on the South stage wither Friday or Saturday of the fair.
Ali Stuart, who also played in the first set took second place with her powerful song “Like It That Way” about being a woman in today’s world. Tyler Bird added extra lead guitar to her song.
James Swinney aka Corduroy Brown, finished off the first set and placed third with an heartfelt song “Hummingbird,” featuring some pretty fingerpicking and some pretty fiddle played by Megan Brown.
Megan Brown, who finished the second set, got an honourable mention for her song about having a choice of working in forest reclamation or working for “the most evil corporation in the world,” called “Do I Work For the Devil of Live in Hell.” George Fowler added pretty leads on acoustic guitar while Steve Martin held down the bottom end on upright bass.
Jon Martin added three backup singers and bassist Paul Holden for his third place winning song “ When Colours Fade, which he noted he wrote during the last election.
Chris Drew played a more rock and roll number “Only Human.” And George Arsene opened the second set with a heartfelt country folk number “She Sings To Her Horses.”
Tyson Ray Borsboom played another more countryish number “Tell Me” in the first set. And Taylor Lang sang the heartfelt indie pop “Over Many Horizons,” which he noted was inspired by Dan Mangan.
It is always a kick to see Peter and the Wolves back in town.
hey played several times at Casino Lethbridge, including the Bent 8 Shine and show on Saturday afternoon, June 1. But I only caught the last set of their evening show.
The trio added a pair of back-up singers, dressed in red and black while Peter Cormier dressed in red and white. That allowed the Calgary rockabilly band to expand their horizons even more, but still held true to their rockabilly and ’50s rock and roll roots.
They played a lot of songs which had the audience on their feet dancing, with Cormier playing keyboards for the first part of the set on “Red Hot Woman,” and “Like the Devil Do.”
He included rock and roll classics like “Bye, Bye Love,” and originals, like one of my favourites “Jailbird Josephine.”
The Backup singers sang lead on Brenda Lee’s “Sweet Nothings.” And really helped sell Wanda Jackson’s “Whirlpool.”
Cormier switched to guitar, playing both piano and guitar on a hot cover of Jerry Lee Lewis’s “Whole Lott as Shaking Going on.“
They wound down the set and the show with “Move Little Judy,” which featured Cormier doing a tried and true old rockabilly trick by standing on Jason “Pedro” Lowe’s upright bass and playing a guitar solo behind his head.
That got them a rousing ovation by the enthusiastic audience who called them back for an encore of a medley including Chuck Berry’s “Roll Over Beethoven.”.
June 11
The SLice— Protosesquence and guests
Smokehouse— Bubba and Randy’s unfiltered comedy open mic
Telegraph Taphouse— Lethbridge Jazz and Blues Festival suppertime Jazz Anna McBryan 5:30-7:30 p.m.
June 12
Southminster United Church— Sweet Inspiration Gospel Choir with Dawn Pemberton 7:30 p.m. $10
Beaches — open mic
Slice— Windy City Opry With The Give Em Hell boys
Mocha Cabana— Lethbridge Jazz and Blues Festival suppertime Jazz Dale Ketcheson 5:30-7:30 p.m.
JUne 13
Slice— Applefest Press Kit fundraiser On The DL, In Cahoots, Jolene Draper & The Inquisitive Few, Junkman’s Quire and Global Acid Reset.
Sterndale Bennett Theatre- Lethbridge Jazz and Blues Festival Jazz Evening With Jim Brenan $20 7:30 p.m.
Owl Acoustic lounge— Mariel and Tim Buckley
Firestone— Lethbridge Jazz and Blues Festival suppertime Jazz Joe Porter Duo 6-8 p.m.
June 14
Club Didi— Where The Two Spirit Lives 8 p.m.
Sterndale bennett Theatre— Lethbridge Jazz and Blues Festival Showcase with Larnell Lewis 7:30 p.m. $30
Owl Acoustic lounge- Sled island kick off with Mombod Stripmall Chief Mountain, Ghost Woman
Slice— Shaela Miller with Ryan Langelois
Average Joes Dueling pianos with Cal Toth
Casino Lethbridge— Breanne Urban and Southern Flyer

June 15
Club Didi— Where The Two Spirit Lives 8 p.m.
Slice—A Little Slice of Everyone variety show for Pridefest$10
Southern Alberta Ethnic Centre (5t-6 ave S) —Global Gala with Horizon
Owl Acoustic Lounge-Lethbridge Jazz and Blues Festival jazz lunch with Tricia Edwards 3-5 p.m. $15
Marigold tape release with Slut Prophet and Broke Til Friday
Sterndale Bennett Theatre- Lethbridge jazz and blues Festival Jazz evening with the Shuffle Demons 7:30-9:30 p.m. $25
Casino Lethbridge— Breanne Urban and Southern Flyer
Good Times— Mike Dambra 7 p.m., 9:30 p.m,.$25
June 16
Casa— ukulele jam 2-3 p.m. Club Didi— Where The Two Spirit Lives 8 p.m.
June 17
OwlAcoustic lounge— open mic
Club Didi— Where The Two Spirit Lives 8 p.m.
June 18
Club Didi— Where The Two Spirit Lives 8 p.m.
Smokehouse— Bubba and Randy’s unfiltered comedy open mic
Theoretically Brewing— 6 p.m. Shed Island mini festival with Winona Forever, Lovelet, Lev Snows, Garbage Dreams, LAPS, Energy Boost, J Blissette, Body Lens, $15 advance $20 at door
Slice — HigH Level Variety Show with Gabriel Thaine
Owl Acoustic lounge— Pride week drag bingo 8 p.m.
June 19
Slice— Ivan Hartle with Matt Storm and Tyson Ray Borsboom
Beaches— open mic
Owl Acoustic lounge Malleus Trio
June 20
Owl Acoustic lounge—
Slice— open mic
Good Times— Amateur night
June 21
Owl Acoustic lounge—Biloxi parish, Chasing Illusions, Localgirlinyourarea
Slice— 21st Avenue
Smokehouse— Far From over, Wes Paul, Stratum 403, Screwbye, Ty The Aboriginal, J Doses, Crisko, Yung Warlxrd with Kylke Sanford the Drummer $10
Casino Lethbridge— Steve Keenan Band
Watertower Lounge— Papa king TJ Waltho 8-11 p.m.
Henderson lake— Rotary Dragon boat Festival
Dragon Boat Festival Entertainment Line Up 2019
5 p.m. Dusty Litchfield 6 p.m. Opening Ceremonies 6:30 Chinook High School Rock & Pop program, led by Scott Davidson
7:15 p.m. The Chevelles 8:45 p.m. Desert Wind Belly Dancers 9:15 – 10:30 pm Chevelles 10:00 pm LAST CALL in the BEER GARDEN
11:00 p.m. Closed Water Tower Grill— Papa King and TJ Waltho
June 22
Water Tower Grill— Papa King and TJ Waltho
Casino Lethbridge— Steve Keenan Band
henderson lake park— Rotary Dragon boat Races M.C. Dory Rossiter 11 a.m .DNR
12 p.m. Rose Ceremony 12:30 p.m. Coda Blues 1:30 p.m. Global Drums
2 p.m. HORIZON
3 p.m. LCI Arts Academy Dance 3:30 p.m. LCI Jazz band 4 p.m. TBA
4:30 p.m. Lawless Murphy 5:30 p.m. TBA 6:20 p.m .
MC 10 min 6:30 pm Old School Band 8p.m. TBA

8:30 – 10:30 p.m. Alyssa McQuaid & Coyote Junction 10 p.m. LAST CALL for Beer garden 11 p.m. Closed
Watertower Lounge— Papa king TJ Waltho 8-11 p.m.
The Slice— high Level Blues band with Keith Woodrow8:30 p.m.
Owl Acoustic Lounge— Fawns with MTBC
June 23 Henderson lake park— Rotary Dragon Boat Races SOUND BARRIER ENTERTAINMENT
11 am. E-Free band 12 p.m. Karen Romanchuck 12:30 p.m. Between Skies 1:30 pm Steve Keenan band 2:30 p.m. Urban Beat
3 p.m. Suite 33
4 p.m . Closing ceremonies Theoretically Brewing— Psychic Pollution with an Ant and An Atom
June 24
Owl Acoustic Lounge— open mic
Onion— Open mic
June 25
Owl Acoustic lounge- Big Little Lions
Slice— Five Alarm Funk $20 advance $25 at door
Smokehouse— Bubba and Randy’s unfiltered comedy open mic
June 26
The Slice— Hard Charger and Guests
Owl Acoustic Lounge—Stand Up Comedy Open mic
Beaches— open mic
June 27
The Slice- Open mic with Corduroy brown
Owl Acoustic Lounge— Poetry open mic with Teri Petz
June 28
Casino Lethbridge— Dave McCann and the Firehearts
The Slice- The Decadent Phase and guests
Owl Acoustic Lounge—Under the Rocks
Honker‘s Pub— open mic
June 29
OwlAcoustic Lounge— Bomb Hugg
Casino Lethbridge— Dave McCann and the Firehearts
The Slice- harlot and the Tramp with Youngbloods and Mark Andrew Spencer
Honker‘s Pub— afternoon open mic

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