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April 19, 2019 April 19, 2019

Whoop-Up Days and more on music scene

Posted on August 15, 2018 by Richard Amery

Whoop-Up Days is coming, which means lots of music in Exhibition Park will be happening. but there is a lot happening before that.
On Thursday, Aug. 16, Terrific Kids Arts Collective presents Winnipeg noise rock/post punk band Pleasure Dens, who will be performing with Chief Mountain and Cope at the old Firehall at 9 p.m. Admission is $10.
On the weekend there are plenty of shows. Say goodbye to local musician Megan Brown, who is on the road again. Her band Makiisma and Tyson Borsboom play the Slice Aug. 17. Ghost Woman, Birch Barks and Brenna Lowrie provide indie rock at the Owl Acoustic Lounge, Aug. 17 as well.
Over at the Casino, the Mark Hall Band will be playing country music.
There will be more country music at the Slice, Aug 18 with George Arsene and Corduroy Brown.
The Owl Acoustic Lounge has a busy day as Lethbridge Girls Rock Camp hosts a family jam in the afternoon from 1-6 p.m. After that, turn things up as local alternative rock trio Mombod release their new CD with special guests local duo Marigold and Hardwired, a Metallica cover band.
Things get exciting early in the week as Joey Landreth and the Sheepdogs play the first night of Whoop-Up Days on Tuesday. The parade begins at 9 a.m. and the midway opens early at noon right after the parade, otherwise it opens at 1 p.m.
The Slice has a variety show on Aug. 21 hosted by Gabriel Thaine.

The ever-bubbly and talented Carolyn Mark returns to Lethbridge on Tuesday, Aug 21 to play the Owl Acoustic Lounge with old friend Kris Demeanor and new friends Shirley Gnome and Manitoba based, Germany based Old Seed as part of the Ragtag Misfit Tour.
“I’ve never toured with them before. I’ve toured a lot with Kris, but Shirley Gnome is a new friend and so is Old Seed. But we’re taking two separate cars just in case we don’t get along,” Mark giggled from Winnipeg where she was getting ready to play the Times Changed in Winnipeg with Kris Demeanor and Geoff Berner before heading to the Trout Forest music Festival northeast of Kenora, Ont.
“It‘s a like South Country Fair. It is about the same size and has a similar vibe, except it is next to a lake,” she said, adding Berner won’t be coming to Lethbridge with them.
“He’s flying home to spend time with family,” she said, adding she is excited to play with Shirley Gnome.
“I met her at Artswells. And I drove from Vancouver to Victoria with her. She’s hilarious. I went to her show in Victoria and I didn’t take my eyes off her. All her songs are just filthy. After her show she said to me ‘I guess Victoria people don’t get jokes.’ I said, ‘It’s because you’re such a beautiful singer, they were listening to that,” Mark continued.
“We’re touring together with only one day off until Sept. 8,” she said, adding she doesn’t know what the show will look like.
“This will be the first time we’ve all actually met each other,” Mark said.
“I’ll be able to ask them how they manage using an alias.”
Mark writes pleasing, upbeat ditties like the “Baby Goats” and the “Stampede Song (Get it In).”
Amanda Fish at Slice
It saddens my heart just a little bit every time I have to say the Slice hosted the best show nobody saw,.
This time, it was Kansas City based blues singer Amanda Fish and drummer Glen James hosted the jam on Thursday, which can be a hit-or-miss proposition. This time it was definitely a miss as Fish and about 10 people were on hand for the jam, with only one signing up to play.
That allowed Fish and James to play a couple of extended sets of music. I arrived in time to hear Fish play a haunting version of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” on keyboards while James kept time.
She switched to guitar for a solid set of heartfelt blues music, mostly from her brand new CD “Free.”
She had a massive, resonant, soulful voice which reminded me of Lindsay Beaver from the 24th Street Wailers and Edmonton’s Kimberley MacGregor.
Because it was just the two of them, her guitar playing was mainly rhythmic, though she broke out to play a couple of wah-wah-drenched solos. James also broke out for a quick drum solo before they ended their first set with a solid cover of the Cranberries’ “Zombie,” which Fish said she had just learned and was looking forward to playing.
After a break and one person getting up to play, Fish returned on her own to play a variety of blues and pop hits on keyboards including David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” and a tender version of “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”
Windy City Opry at Slice
Local country/roots band Rancho Deluxe wound up the August edition of the Windy City Opry, Wednesday, Aug. 8 at the Slice. The turnout wasn‘t great. but all right considering it was a nice summer night in the middle of the week.
I missed a songwriting circle including Megan Brown, Victoria Officinalis, Megan Rourke and Shaela Miller. But I caught Rancho Deluxe, featuring drummer Brad Brouwer, bassist Paul Holden and Tyler Bird playing lead guitar, backing frontman/lead singer George Arsene. They played a set including a few originals and some choice covers. Tyler Bird sang his always enjoyable version of the Volebeats’ “318.”
Arsene sang one of his favourites, LittleFeat’s “Willin’”.
They were called back for an encore of a Willie P bennett song.
As Host Shaela Miller is on tour next month, the September edition of the Windy City Opry will be hosted by Boots and the hoots, who kickstarted the Opry idea in Red deer.
Supercrush at the Slice
Seattle’s Supercrush visited the Owl Acoustic Lounge to share a bill with the Supervoid, Wednesday, Aug. 8. I missed the Supervoid’s set, being over at the Slice for Rancho Deluxe at the Windy City Opry, but was just in time for Seattle’s Supercrush’s really short set for a decent-sized Wednesday night crowd
Their half-hour set brought the audience back to the mid-’90s with an appealing jangling power pop/alternative rock sound reminiscent of the Lemonheads, Soul Asylum and Doughboys as well as a touch of the the Replacements. They played their most recent seven-inch single as well as their last seven-inch to end their set which was more punk flavoured.
Bigwood 10
People bellyache about this city. But what city doesn’t have its issues? But by lord tundering Jebus, do we have a great music scene! It was no more evident than at Bigwood 10, Friday, Aug. 3. And this was only the tip of a thriving iceberg of a scene.
I was on stage in “The Tempest,” so missed the first few acts, HoverKraft, Taylor Ackerman’s Global Acid Reset and John Wort Hannam, but was just in time to hear a set of roots rocking crowd pleasers from Dave McCann and the Firehearts, featuring David Bauer on lead guitar, drummer Kyle Harmon and new bassist Shawn Worden who worked their way through a set of old favourites including “Unfamiliar Ground,” “Road to Cain,” my favourite “Fireheart,” and “Beautiful Road.”
They also played a brand new song, “Snakebit,” before returning to older material including “Broken Bugs” and “Standing in the River.”
Shaela Miller, sporting a purple jumpsuit, and her band including lead guitarist Jon Martin, bassist Paul Holden, Tyler Bird on drums and background vocals played a set of mostly songs from her latest CD “Bad Ideas,” including “Hard Knock Upside the Head.” Ryan Dyck was missing on steel guitar as he was home looking after their son.
Miller improves every time I see her, so it is always a pleasure to watch her and hear her beautiful warbling. She has gained a lot of confidence on stage. Though she just released “Bad Ideas,” she also played several brand new songs to appear on her next album. But she also delved back into her back catalogue for crowd favourites like “Vicious bitches. and “Half Way in Love.”
The main event of the night was Leeroy Stagger and his hot band who have been busy touring, so it was great to see Stagger and the Rebeltone Sound knock it out of the park at Bigwood 10.
The hot band including a stellar lineup of bassist Tyson Maiko, guitarist Kyle Riley, a keyboardist whose name i missed, multi-instrumentalist Ryland Moranz and all-star drummer Pete Thomas who used to play with Elvis Costello and the Attractions.
The tight band played an upbeat rocking set focusing on cuts from his latest album “Love Versus,” including the single “I Want It All,” and “Run Rabbit Run” and newer material. Moranz jumped between guitar, banjo and mandolin throughout the set. Stagger chatted with the crowd about touring and interviewing Bruce Cockburn for his CKUA radio show The Dirty Windshields radio hour and asking him if love was enough to save us, then referenced a DOA patch on an old punk in London”s jacket reading “Talk-Action=0.”
Perhaps as a tip of the hat to Thomas, they ended their set with a spirited version of Elvis Costello’s 1979 hit cover of Nick Lowe’s “(What’s So Funny ’Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding.”
Host band the Dirti Speshuls took the stage around midnight, focusing on brand new catchy ’90s-style power pop songs from their upcoming new album. I had to be up early to go to Calgary in the morning, so had to leave about four songs into their set and missed closing band Adequate.
August 15
Beaches — open mic With Devin Gergel
August 16
Slice — open mic
Old Firehall — Pleasure Dens, Cope Chief Mountain August 17
Mocha Cabana — Alice Tindori
Slice — A Farewell to Megan with Tyson Borsboom and Makiisma
Owl Acoustic Lounge — Ghost Woman, Birch Barks, Brenna Lowrie
Casino Lethbridge — Mark Hall band
Honker’s Pub — open jam with Aaron Landry
August 18
Slice — George Arsene wth Corduroy Brown
Owl Acoustic Lounge — 1-6 p.m. Lethbridge Girls Rock Family jam; 9 p.m. Mombod album release with Marigold and Hardwired
Casino Lethbridge — Mark Hall band
Honker’s Pub — afternoon open mic with Andy Mac
August 20
The Owl Acoustic Lounge — open mic
Onion — open mic
August 21
Exhibition Park — Whoop-Up Days 7 p.m. Joey Landreth 8:30 p.m. The Sheepdogs $25
Owl Acoustic Lounge — Carolyn Mark, Shirley Gnome, Kris Demeanor, Old Seed
Smokehouse — open mic
Slice — High Level Variety with Gabriel Thaine
August 22
Exhibition Park — Whoop-Up Days 8 p.m. The Road Hammers Ryan Lindsay band (In Heritage Hall 4-11 p.m.)
Owl Acoustic Lounge — Sam Weber
Beaches — open mic With Devin Gergel
Slice — Clementine with HoverKraft and Frege’s Puzzle $109 p.m.
Plum — Cecile Doo Kingue
August 23
Plum — Cecile Doo Kingue
The Slice — open mic
Exhibition Park — Whoop-Up Days 8 p.m. Prism, Ryan Lindsay band (In Heritage Hall 4-11 p.m.)
Taber — Taber Cornfest 6-6:30 pm – Opening Ceremonies
6:30-7:30 pm – Dance Images
7:30-8 pm – Joshua Beebe Band
8m-10 pm – Dusty Road Band
10 pm-12 am – Uncovered
August 24
Average Joe’s — The Chevelles with Trixx $10 advance $15 at door
Slice — Erin Ross with George Arsene
Owl Acoustic Lounge — FLIPFest
Casino Lethbridge — Maple Sugar Canadian Rock Tribute
Exhibition Park — Whoop-Up Days 8 p.m. Harlequin, Ryan Lindsay band (In Heritage Hall 4-11 p.m.)
Street Legal Records FLIPfest Street Legal Records:
7 PM – Lolly Willowes
8 PM – Ugly Cry Club
Owl Acoustic Lounge 10 PM – HARSH
11 PM – MomBod
12 PM – Mulligrub
Taber —Taber Cornfest 11 am-12 pm – High Fitness Demo
1-1:15 pm – Native Hoop Dancing
1:30-3:30 pm – Tanner James
3:30-4:45 pm – Tin & The Toad
4:45-5:15 pm – Taber Charity Auction Presentation
5:15-7 pm – Southern Flyer
7-8:30 pm – Moon Dawgs
8:30-9:50 pm – 4 on the Floor
10 pm-12 am – Adequate

August 25
Casino Lethbridge—Maple Sugar Canadian Rock Tribute
Dr. James Foster Penny Building Art gallery — Flipfest 10 PM – Lingua Franqa
11 PM – Cartel Madras
12 AM – Kimmortal
1 AM – Witch Prophet
SAAG— Flipfest 7 PM – Pollydactic
8 PM – Kellarissa
9 PM – soft cure
Slice — Flipfest 9 PM – Chunder Buffet
10 PM – Slut Prophet
11 PM – Feminal Fluids
Owl Acoustic lounge — Flipfest 8 PM – Riel
9 PM – Ground Sloth Orchestra
10 PM – Janette King
11 PM – Bobby Dove
Dr. James Foster penny Building — Flipfest 10 PM – Lingua Franqa
11 PM – Cartel Madras
12 PM – Kimmortal
1 PM – Witch Prophet
SAAG— Flipfest 7 PM – Pollydactic
8 PM –  Kellarissa
9 PM – soft cure
Honker‘s pub— no jam
— Flipfest Kimmortal, Witch prophet
Average Joe’s — Julian Austin with Trevor Panczac $45 with prime rib buffet $20 for concert. Dinner 7 p.m., Concert 9 p.m.
Exhibition Park — Whoop Up Days 7 p.m. Helix 8:30 p.m. Lee Aaron Smokehouse — 8 p.m. $10 Widows Peak, Bring Your Own Bodies, Apollyon, Raising the Ruins, Deadlights,Revanchist Taber — Taber Cornfest 10am-11pm – Los Gringos Band
11am-12:30pm – Erin Ross & The Rhythm Method
12:30pm-1pm – Corn Tasting / Zumba
1pm-2:30pm – Corn Eating Contest
2:30pm-3:45pm – Jay Bowcott & Brooke Wylie
4:30pm-6:30pm – Hippodrome
6:30 p.m.-8:30pm – Trevor Panczak
8:30pm-9:50pm – Plum Crazy
10:10pm-12am- The Chevelles

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