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Plenty of musical fun before Whoop-Up Days

Posted on August 16, 2017 by Richard Amery

While most of Lethbridge gets geared up for Whoop-Up Days, Aug. 22-26, there are a lot of shows and festivals leading up to it.
Vancouver world/jazz/blues musician Bocephus King make a a long-awaited return to the Slice, Aug. 16. He will be performing with violinist Suzka Mares. Tickets are $10.
There is comedy at Casino Lethbridge, Aug. 17 as they host Joker’s Gone Wild featuring comedians Lars Callieou, Ryan Short, Adam Blank and Brent Ehtun. Tickets are $10. The show begins at 8 p.m.
There is a big rock show at the Slice featuring Scotch Whiskey Limosine, Chans and local hard rock band Outrun the Arrow Aug. 18 at the Slice.
FLIPFest dominates the rest of the week with female and gender non conforming musicians performing throughout the week, but particularly on Aug. 19
Local band W.I.T.S., Time Boy, Bunwitch and The Shiverettes open the festival at the Owl Acoustic Lounge, Aug. 18.
The next day FLIPfest features Wares, Brunch Club, Maggy France and Brenna Lowrie beginning at 7 p.m.
Over at the Slice, the FLIPfest lineup includes Jess Tolestrup at 8 p.m. followed by Lacey Hill, the Mary-Lee bird Band and the Shaela Miller band.
The Slice hosts Borscht, Mom Bod, the Babyfats and Slut Prophet.
There is even a FLIPest gig in Le petit Trianon in the Trianon basement featuring respectfulchild, Symfan, Feverfew and Foonyap.
Also this weekend, get your dancing shoes on as LEMF, the Lethbridge Electronic Music Festival is at Galt Gardens Aug. 19 with a variety of DJs and electronica artists
If you are in the mood for the blues, Calgary’s Eric Braun band play Casino Lethbridge Friday and Saturday.
On the other hand, if you are in the mood for something loud, fast and fun, Calgary punk band the Reckless Heroes play the Smokehouse, Aug. 20 doors open at $10. There will be guests to be announced.
It has been several years since Vancouver musician Bocephus King visited Lethbridge.
“I’ve been spending a lot of time playing in Italy,” said Jamie Perry, aka Bocephus King, who returns to the Slice on Wednesday, Aug. 16.
“I’ve been touring there a lot. It’s pretty special,” he continued, noting he has been performing with orchestras under the tutelage of conductor/ trombonist/trumpet player Mauro Ottolini who heard hime play at a festival named for popular Italian singer Luigi Tenco, who passed away 50 years ago.
“I was listening to hime (Luigi Tenco) a lot when I was driving around Italy. I was really honoured to be asked to play the festival once, and then asked back,” he said.
Ottolini invited him on the road to perform with his orchestra.
“I’ve been touring with the core members of his orchestra and we pick up other musicians in the cities we’re in,“ he said, noting he admires their technical virtuosity.
“I’ve been having to study a lot,” he said.
He will be returning to the Slice with violinist Suzka Mares, a Vancouver based gypsy musician with who he tours a lot with. This tour includes stops in Whistler as well as Calgary at the new Mikey’s juke Joint.
Tickets are $10 at the Door for the slice show, which begins at 8 p.m.
Calgary-based feminist band the Shiverettes are sure to be a highlight of FLIPFest this week.
the band including Hayley Muir — vocals; Kaely Cormack — guitar and vocals;Cecilia Schlemm — bass and backup vocals and drummer Steve Richter, open FLIPFest at the Owl Acoustic Lounge, Friday, Aug. 18 with local band W.I.T. S, Bunwitch and fellow Calgarian Time Boy.
“It’s a perfect fit for us as Haley Muir and I co- founded FemFest in Calgary, which is about supporting Fem artists, we were very happy to open this festival at the Owl Acoustic lounge,” said guitarist/vocalist Kaely Cormack.
It will be their third show in Lethbridge.
“We played the Owl Acoustic Lounge in May when we released our CD ‘Dead Men Don’t Catcall,’ and we played a house concert last summer. It will be the third time, if you count a garage show,” she continued, noting they were looking for a venue, and were offered the chance to play the garage of one of the members of local band J Blissette.
“It was kind of short notice, so we got drunk, rolled around the floor, made a lot of noise and pissed off the neighbours,” she laughed.
They released their CD “Dead Men Don’t Catcall” on March 31.
“It]s been great. We sold out all of the vinyl copies of the album because we really underestimated how many people would want one. Which is great because you never know how people will react when we’re singing about the issues we]re singing about. So either people aren’t pissed off or people who are pissed off and opposed to it aren’t saying anything,“ she continued.
She noted the Shiverettes are woking on their next album, which they plan to record during the winter.
“It’s about 75 per cent written. The other 25 per cent is the hardest to write,” she said.
“We’re not sure whether to play the new stuff now or wait until the album comes out so it will be a surprise,” she continued.
She noted events like FLIPfest are important to support.
“It’s really important. A lot of people talk about equality, but something like this forces people to put their money where their mouth is” she said.
The band is busy playing a lot. They are playing the Massif Festival in Nelson in September. They are even having their own beer brewed.
“We’re working with Village Breweries on a beer called Man Tears. The launch is on Thursday. So if we’re hungover on Friday, it’s because the beer was good,” she laughed.
Admission to all FLIPfest events are by donation.

Theory of a Deadman Aug. 22
Theory of a Deadman are excited to be back in Alberta. They open Whoop-Up Days at Exhibition Park, Aug. 22 at 9 p.m. The Trews open the show on the Grandstand stage.
Bassist Dean Back just returned from a well deserved break in Denmark and is now excited to get back on the road in anticipation of a new album due out Oct. 27.
“They planned it before and I didn’t think I’d be able to make it, but there is a break in my schedule,” Back said, noting the band just finished the second video from their upcoming new CD “Wake Up Call,” which is due out in October. They have already released a video for the first single “Rx”— a slow, mournful, dark song about opiate addiction.
 The next video and song will be completely different from that. The new CD will be slightly different sonically.
“Tyler (Connolly, frontman) had a birthday and decided to treat himself to a grand piano,” he said. Guitarist David Brenner and drummer Joe Dandeneau complete the band’s lineup.
The band decided to shake things up a little, not only sonically, but geographically to record the new album.
“We flew to London and spent six or seven weeks there,” he said.
“We usually like to do a lot of pre-production on songs, jamming until they come together, but our producer Martin Terefe was really against that. He wanted the first time we played the songs to be there in the studio, because he thought that was when the magic happened,” he related, noting the band members live in four different cities.
“So that was a really different experience for us,” he continued.
Theory of a Deadman have been playing together for 15 years.
“We still love to do play and we’re all friends. We’ve played Lethbridge, but it has been many years. We got to play the Calgary stampede this year,” so it was good to be back in Alberta,” he continued.
Tickets cost $59. which includes gate admission.
April Wine return to Lethbridge to play Whoop Up Days the next night, Aug. 23 with Southern rockers .38 Special.
The Halifax born, Montreal-based rock band, who scored numerous hits in the 1970s and ’80s including “Weeping Widow,” “Sign of the Gypsy Queen,” “Tonight is a Wonderful Night To Fall in Love,” “Roller,” “I Like to Rock” and “You Could Have Been a Lady,” to name a few, doesn’t play more than 50 concert dates a year.
“We do about 25-30 shows a year, I’d like to do more, but Myles Goodwin, frontman) wanted to retire and only wants to do that many,” observed guitarist Brian Greenway, celebrating 40 years playing with April Wine. He said many of their shows are bigger outdoor festivals like Whoop-Up Days.
Frontman Myles Goodwin wrote a book about April Wine, but Greenway hasn’t read it, much less thought about writing his own.
“I haven’t read it. I don’t need to, I was there,” he said.
He can’t remember his last Lethbridge show.
 “I was also drinking at the time, that may be part of it,” he said.
“I always get Lethbridge and Medicine Hat mixed up. The last time I was there, I had a bladder infection,” he recalled.
He noted they plan to play a hit-heavy set.
“The set focuses on the three albums, ‘First Glance,’ ‘Faster… Harder,’ and ‘Nature of the Beast.’ We’ll be playing ‘Fast Train,’ and I get to sing ‘Oowatanite’ and ‘Weeping Widow,’” he enthused.
“And we also play ‘You Could Have Been a Lady’ and ‘Tonight Is A Wonderful Night To Fall in Love,’” he continued, promising a straight-ahead, energetic rock show.
“I remember we toured with a laser-like show, but people thought we said laser light show,” he chuckled, noting they used to have a laser light show.
“Now we’re happy to have a lean rock show,” he added.
They are excited to open for .38 Special as well.
“We played with them years ago. They’re a great southern rock band along the lines of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rossington Collins band and of course the Allman Brothers,” he said.
“We used to get paired with a lot of bands like that. We played with the Blue Oyster Cult and they were a great fit for us,” he said.
Greenway keeps busy with several musical projects when not touring with April Wine. He plays in Brian Greenway’s Blues Bus with April Wine alumni Gary Moffet and Attic Dust.
“Brian Greenway’s Attic is me playing acoustic guitar with a looping pedal. The Blues Bus is a five-piece band. We play a lot of blues because I’ve always loved the blues. And songs like ‘Pinball Wizard’ and even some April Wine Songs like ‘Sign of the Gypsy Queen’ and ‘Oowatanite’.”
April Wine open at 7 p.m., with .38 Special starting at 9 p.m.
Attendance has been down a little for the last couple Windy City Opry’s at the Slice, so I was pleased to see a packed house on a Wednesday night, Aug.9.
A lot of people were there to visit with Edmonton-based musician Andrew Scott, who lived in Lethbridge for awhile.
Unfortunately I missed that, but I caught the tail end of an excellent set from Medicine Hat’s Derek Hintz and the Dustbowl Dynamos, which included guitarist Brady Enslen, upright bassist Matt Coldwell, steel guitarist Tim Herman and banjo player Tyler Allen, who played a wicked set of energetic, upbeat, freewheeling, country and roots music featuring plenty of banjo, upright bass and steel guitar which pretty much set the night on fire. The harmonies and laid back quirky feel reminded me of the more country side ofDr. Hook and the Medicine Show.
He had his following as well as his parents. He invited his mother on stage to sing harmonies on “S—t Goes Down.”
That drew rousing cheers and host Shaela Miller invited them back to play an encore.
Dave McCann plays the September edition of Windy City Opry at the Slice.
Celeigh Cardinal at the Owl
Edmonton folk/pop songstress Celeigh Cardinal brought her hot band of guitarist Ben Tassell and violinist/percussionist/cajon player Matt Harrison to the Owl Acoustic Lounge , Aug. 4.
They played a sweet set of folk/pop music featuring lovely vocal harmonies and excellent playing, especially Matt Harrison doing double duty on box drum, guitar, violin and vocals.
Cardinal sang with a resonant bluesy voice that was reminiscent of Bonnie Raitt with a touch of Sheryl Crow and Amanda Marshall.
To reflect the Bonnie Raitt influence, she sang an excellent version of John Prine’s “Angel From Montgomery,” which Raitt also covers.
It also allowed her band mates to show off their vocal harmonies.
A cover of bob Dylan You Ain’t Going Nowhere,” also showed off their harmonies.

Puttin On the Foil, Slice Friday
A long weekend crowd off approximately 40 people stopped by the slice to party with Calgary country/ punk band Puttin On The Foil.
A caught the end of an open set by blues rock band The 425s who wound things up with a cover of Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s “Blue on Black.”
Puttin’ On the Foil always equal a good time.
They played an excellent show of loud, raucous, ribald rock and roll tinged with country.
The opened with the rollicking “S—show,” and followed up with plenty of hilarious, rough edged humour and songs like “I Want to Get Drunk and Naked With you” and “Beer and Weed,” and the always popular cover of “ The Rodeo Song.”
They played music from their two CDs as well as a few from an upcoming CD including“ Who I Am.”
They also covered “Simple Man.”
While their music is wild, straight ahead, politically incorrect rock and roll, on the more normal side of things, they played “The Fishing song“ and “ Sweet Prairie Vixen.
Musically, the trio had a real tight set featuring some solid rock and roll chops, with a touch of metal and punk energy.

August 16
Slice—Bocephus King $10
August 17
Twin butte store—Warren Murfitt 8 p.m,
Slice— open mic
Casino Lethbridge— Jokers Gone wild with Lars Callieou, Ryan Short, Adam Blank, Brent Ehtun
August 18
Casino Lethbridge—Eric Braun
Owl Acoustic Lounge–FLIP Fest WITS, Time Boy, Bunwitch, the Shiverettes
Mocha Cabana- Rigo the Latino
Slice- Scotch Whisky Limosine Hungry Hollow, Chans
FLIP Fest lineup Blueprint is an all ages venue// 18+ to purchase alcohol *all shows during FLIP are pay what you can// suggested $5-10*
Wares @ 7
“Wares is a musical project engineered by Edmonton songwriter Cassia J. Hardy. From teeth rattling electric convulsions to soft-spoken acoustic refrains, the musical inflections explored on each Wares release are as varied as they are enthralling.”
Brunch Club @ 8
Edmonton, Alberta
“Brunch Club is Ellen Reade, Patrick Earles and Clay Francis and we’re cookin’ up some sweet jangle pop tunes just for you.”
Maggy France @ 9 “Alberta ex-pat and current Montrealer, Emma May Austin blends lo-fi garage with dreamy melodies in her project, Maggy France.”
Brenna Lowrie @ 10 “Psyche/Blues infused folk music.”
Aug 19
Galt Gardens —LEMF Lethbridge Electronic Music Festival Twin butte store— Alyssa McQuaid 8 p.m,
Slice—Flip Fest with Borscht, Mom Bod, And the babyfats
Casino Lethbridge—Eric Braun
Owl Acoustic Lounge–FLIP FEst 8 p.m. Jesse Tollstrup, 9 Lacey Hill 10 Mary Lee Bird band, 11 Shaela Miller Band
Slice—8:30 p.m. Borscht, 9:30 Mom Bod,10:30 babyfats 11:30 Slut Prophet
Trianon Gallery— 12: Foonyap, 11 p.m.Feverfew 10 p.m. Symfan,9 respectfulchild

August 20
Twin butte store— Sean burns 8 p.m,
Smokehouse— Reckless Heroesm last show
August 21
Onion— open mic
Owl Acoustic lounge– open mic with Adam Winn
August 22
Slice— Jimmy Pearson
Exhibition park— Whoop Up Days 9 p.m. Theory of a Deadman, 7 p.m. the Trews $59
August 23
Slice— The Uglies, Youngbloods, Stickaround, Friends over Fame
Exhibition park— Whoop Up Days 7 p.m.April Wine 9 p.m. . 38 Special $59
August 24
Owl Acoustic Lounge–Folk Road Show
Slice— open mic
Taber— Taber Cornfest 6 p.m. Opening ceremonies, 7 Dance images 8 p.m. Tanner James, 10 p.m. Dusty Roads
Exhibition park— Whoop Up Days 7 p.m. Uncovered, 9 p.m.Finger Eleven

August 25
Casino Lethbridge– Alyssa McQuaid and Coyote Junction
Owl Acoustic Lounge–Clayton and Joelle
Mocha Cabana— Accordion melodies by Alice Tinodori
Exhibition park— Whoop Up Days 7 p.m. Steve Keenan Band 9 p.m.Glorious Sons
Taber— Taber Cornfest 1 p.m. Adequate, 2 p.m. Close as Strangers3 p.m. Cornucopia, 4 p.m. Hibikaya, 5:30 p.m. Filipino Society, 7 p.m. Moon Dawgs, 6;30 p.m. Trevor Panczak, 10 p,n, Fireworks, 10:15 Breanne Urban and southern Flyer
Average joes- Dueling pianos fundraiser for Cheer Sensation $10 9 p.m.
Slice— Erin Ross with Don Cassell and Columbia Jones $10
August 26
Casino Lethbridge– Alyssa McQuaid and Coyote Junction
Owl Acoustic Lounge–Adequate with well mannered thieves
Exhibition park— Whoop Up Days 9 p≥m. Jess Moskaluke, 7 p.m.Theo Fleury and the death Valley Rebels 5 p.m. Dory and the Weathermen
Taber– Taber Cornfest— 10 a.m.Erin Ross 11 a.n, Four on the Floor 12;30 Corn contests 12;30 Zumba 2:30 p.n. Enslow 4;30 p.m. Hippodrome 6:30 p.m. mark maxwell 10 p.m. Fireworks, 9 :30 p.m. the Chevelles
Galt Gardens– Caribbean carnival 11 a.m.-11 p.m.

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