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Written by Alisha Sims, Sun Times   
Thursday, 13 October 2011 16:12

A car-seat clinic aims to drive home the importance of ensuring the seats are properly installed.
    “It’s something really important, said Abigail Garratt, a certified birth doula with Special Deliveries Doula Services.
The Lethbridge business is sponsoring a car-seat clinic on Oct. 19 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the Safety City parking lost near the West Pavilion at Exhibition Park. The clinic is being held in conjunction with Safety City and Lethbridge regional police. Certified car-seat safety inspectors will be in attendance to help ensure child seats are properly installed in vehicles.
The correct use of child safety seats can reduce the risk of injury by 75 per cent and the risk of death by 90 per cent, according to Transport Canada figures. However, four out of five car seats are not used properly in Canada, reports Safekids Canada.
Sgt. Craig Deimuth of the Lethbridge regional police has come across many improperly installed seats during his time working with the traffic response unit. Common mistake sparents make is incorrect use of the locking clip, the the metal H-shaped clip that comes with most car seats and keeps the lap portion of a lap/shoulder belt tight on the car seat, and fastening the chest clip too low over the child’s body. “If the chest clip is too loose or too far down, it could potentially allow the child to be ejected from the vehicle” in the instance of a collision, he said.
Another mistake is leaving the handle on infant-carriers in the upright “carry” position when the carrier is in the vehicle. “They’re supposed to be put down but they’re often left up.”
If parents can’t attend the Wednesday clinic, members of the traffic response unit are available to inspect car seats Mondays to Fridays during the day and Saturday evenings. Deimuth said parents can park their vehicles in the front parking lot of the station and ask inside for a traffic member to conduct a seat inspection.
Garratt said her two business partners sponsor car-seat clinics in nearby Medicine Hat and she decided to host one in the city she calls home.
“They do it all the time in Medicine Hat,” she said. “The police department has been very helpful bringing it here.”



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