Weed war expands in Alberta

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Written by Scott Schmidt for the Sun Times   
Wednesday, 28 July 2010 16:57
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Weed war expands in Alberta
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Weed war expands in Alberta

A group of eager helpers watch a demonstration on pulling weeds before they tackled some of the wormwood-infested areas at the Helen Schuler Nature Centre.

Scott Schmidt
For the Sun Times
Apparently, we’re under alien attack.
Now, if that was actually a current event, it might have been written with a little more punch. But as it turns out, these aliens have been invading us for over a century, and to make matters worse they hitched a ride here with our very own ancestors.
The bad news is, without chemical warfare out methods of eradication are slow and not guaranteed effective. The good news is, you probably won’t find any species of these aliens with sharp, pointy teeth or a laser gun.
After all, we’re only talking plants here.





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